3 Most Celebrated Amusement Parks in Beijing

The amusement parks of Beijing make it an ideal place to travel with your family. When you are in this capital city of China, you will never have to worry about how you can make the tour a fun ride for your kids. The amusement parks of the city have made the job easier for you.

Beijing Amusement Park:

Here you will get to enjoy 38 carnie rides. Each of this rides come with a notice board offering you helpful descriptions of the rides. The descriptions are written both in Chinese and English, as this place play host to hundreds foreigners every day besides the natives of China. The most famous rides of the Beijing Amusement Park include: a pirate ship’s pendulum, the spinning teacups, double-decker carousels etc. Another highlight of this amusement park is a collection of carnival-styled games. Playing and winning these games are extremely easy and your child will surely love to spend time at this game zone.

Shijingshan Amusement Park:

The most attractive possession of this Beijing based amusement park is the red and yellow Cinderella castle. Here you will get to enjoy as much as 73 interesting rides. The rides of Shijingshan are designed in a way so that children of all age groups can enjoy their time on them. The admission fee to this amusement park is remarkably cheap; but you will need to spend good amount while paying for the rides. There are ticket booths outside the premises of each of the 73 rides; the price of tickets vary from one ride to another (the minimum price is 5RMB and the maximum is 100RMB).

Happy Valley:

Happy Valley is the most newly built amusement park in the city of Beijing and is also undoubtedly the one with the largest area. It covers an area of 580,000 sq. m. This park has 6 areas; each one of these areas houses movie sets namely Aegean Harbor, Lost Maya Kingdoms, Ants Kingdom, Shangri-La, Atlantis and Wild Fjord. Visitors coming to the Happy Valley can take a train ride around the amusement park. People preferring something more innovative can cover the area on colorful motorized scooters (these scooters charge 60RMB per hour). There are 33 rides of international standard rides in this amusement park.

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