10 Multi-Use Items You Should Consider Packing

Planning to embark on an expedition, so carry some of the most essential and multi-purpose things. Now-a-days airlines are coming up with more and more restrictions even on how much luggage you should board. So, make it less but more, didn’t understand, I mean that lug things that don’t occupy more space but in turn gives you more functioning and has many uses. Ultimately, this brilliant idea will make a fun trip loaded with extreme amusing happenings ad not tramp you under heavy luggage loads. Belo presenting are ten cool things that will facilitate you in this motive.

1. Shampoo

Don’t laugh, seriously, let me explain. This is actually beneficial and can serve for numerous purposes like washing your clothes, facial cleansing, body washer, dish washer etc. and you know what, shampoo will act much more efficiently for this day-to-day purposes. So, choose a mild shampoo which can work for all your hygienic needs.

  • Body soap: Shampoo will not only work as a good hair-washer, but also facilitates as soap for your body and facial cleanser.
  • Washing clothes: It works very well for clothes as it is gentle to your hands as well to your clothes, and also it turns your clothes to smell pleasant.
  • Dish washer: It can help you out when you are dealing with appalling hospitality of hotels.

2.Dental Floss

Besides, its basic purpose of removing tiny particles stuck between the teeth, it can be used for other purposes like

  • Knife: This waxy fiber can be helpful during your breakfast, where you can use it as a cutter for bread or butter, don’t over emphasize its use; it cannot be used for cutting slices of meat.
  • Clothes line: Use the dental floss to hang your handkerchiefs, socks, or other small things by enlarging dental flosses.
  • Thread: Use the waxy string as a thread for split and tear.

3.Quintuple survival tool:

This is an amazing multi- purpose device, with weight of barely 50 grams but facilitating numerous uses comprising of

  • Compass,
  • Waterproof matchbox,
  • Signal mirror,
  • Safety whistle,
  • Fire starter flint.


Use this garment for several uses comprising like

  • Use it as a towel,
  • Secure your privacy by suspending it over as curtains,
  • Spread it as picnic blankets or beach mats,
  • Tie the ends to fabricate a bag,
  • Use it as bed sheets or blankets.

Swiss Army Knife5.Swiss Army Knife:

You might be familiar with this super-device which endows for miscellaneous purposes from a plain knife to a varied 34 uses. Isn’t it a great deal? Other than this it provides for other functions like

  • Bottle opener,
  • Compass,
  • Scissors,
  • Thermometer,
  • Compass,
  • Flashlight and many other cool features.

Important point of concern is that the aviation crew will not let you carry this because it consists of a knife, so watchfully, place it with your checked luggage.

6. Safety pins:

Moreover to its fundamental use of clutching clothes together, it also adds to other benefits like

  • Clothes pins: After you have used the strips of dental floss successfully, use the safety pins to tie them so that they hang without the fear of falling.
  • Backpack security: I know the fact that safety pins can’t work in the place of locks but it can add to the tie the bag’s zip, ensuring a bit of safety.
  • Needle: Using safety pins instead of needle can be quite thorny, but you don’t need to vex over it, it’s possible. However, use smaller safety pins so that you don’t dug big holes in your attires.

Compass Watch7. Trail guide compass watch:

Except its elementary function of heading you towards the right direction, it also has various other purposes namely

  • Alarm: Use the alarm functioning to wake up early so that you can obtain the joy of visiting your favorite spots, and leave your simple alarm clock at your home.
  • Compass: It will help you to head your nose towards the appropriate directions.
  • Thermometer: Gauge the temperature with this amazing tool and carry apposite clothes.
  • Altimeter: Record the elevation at which you are standing as you escalate the lofty areas.
  • Timer: This depends upon your need.

8. Rain poncho:

Going on a tour to some rainy destination, don’t forget to carry this requisite cloak. In addition to its basic function, it can also be used for laying sheet on the ground, picnic blanket and watch some others below

  • Tarp: Spread the rain poncho on the ground for grabbing the opportunity of lying below the glittering stars.
  • Bag liner: Enjoy the rains or take fun in some of the exotica rivers frankly, because you have another bag that can carry your wet clothes. Don’t need to ponder over; craft a bag out of your poncho and keep all the wet clothes in it.
  • Emergency rain shelter: fabricate the poncho and tie its ends to take shelter from unwanted rains.

Pelican case9. Waterproof Pelican dry case:

It helps in keeping your dry things secure from getting wet, also it meets with your each and every need like big pelican cases are crafted in such a way and are capable of protecting your cameras or other electronic gadgets. And the smaller cases are useful for small backpackers needs.

Confining dry clothes: It is essential for keeping your dry clothes dry and keeping the wet clothes far away from your ironed fabrics.

  • Meal box: This will enable you to store the eatables like snacks or chips outside while you are on long bus rides.
  • Consistency: It permits for storing your precious things like digital cameras, cell phones or other electronic gadgets safely in the cases. And also provides for securing your small needs like socks or anything else.

Credit Card Tool10. Credit card survival tool:

Fabricated out of stainless steel has varied other 11 uses and is an economical deal which is especially created to cover your credit cards. Its multiple uses are

  • Can opener,
  • Screwdriver,
  • 2 position wrench,
  • Ruler,
  • Butterfly screw wrench,
  • Saw blade,
  • Knife edge,
  • Bottle opener,
  • Key chain hole,
  • 4 position wrench,
  • Direction auxiliary indication.

Isn’t it a multi-tasking tool? Retrieve the answer from your own self.

So, whether you move to a world tour or some picnic getaway, don’t forget to carry these multi-tasking items because they are lighter, space saver and multi-functioning.

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